Charlotte County Utilities
Billing and Payment Services


If you have received an urgent notice and are in imminent danger of having your services disconnected, we recommend you speak to a customer service agent when making your utility payment. Please call 941.764.4300 if this applies.

Enroll in Vuebill our New payment service. If you enroll in Vuebill you will be able to view your bill upon login. If you wish to receive an electronic bill, but do not wish to pay online, you need to enroll in Vuebill but not elect a payment method.

CCU Offers several options to pay your water and/or wastewater utility bills.

Search by account number or address to view your eBill

What to do if your bill is past due.

This page explains how to read and understand your CCU utility bill.

This page offers instructions on how to read your meter complete with diagram.

HeartShip – a community participation program.